Taxify insists no changes will be made on price modules following protests


E-hailing taxi service provider Taxify has insisted that no changes will be made to their current price modules following strikes by drivers demanding for better rates.

The strike; which is started on Tuesday, began after drivers accused the company of having gone against a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) which stated that prices charged per kilometer will be determined by the average operating costs of vehicles.

According to the drivers, there was a significant drop in fare rates following the signing of the MoU. This according to the drivers had not been mentioned in earlier discussions with the taxi provider.

Initially, the taxi provider charged Ksh. 28 per Kilometer but the rate fell following the signing of the MoU to Ksh. 20 per Kilometer. Two shillings was charged from every minute spent in a taxify cab while the minimum fare was set at Ksh. 150.

The drivers are however demanding a 50 per cent increment in the current fares. If implemented, passengers will pay Ksh. 4 for every minute spent in a taxify cab, Ksh. 40 for every Kilometre covered and minimum fare will be set at Ksh. 300.

Taxify however insisted that they were considering the objections tabled before them by the drivers.

“We continue to meet with our drivers and their representatives and listen to their grievances in regular roundtable meetings,” said Shivachi Muleji, Taxify regional general manager East Africa at a press conference on Wednesday.

“We have learnt that higher prices do not always mean raised earnings. We price our services in a way that allows customers to take more trips, which translates to more earnings for every single hour a driver is online.”

The second day of the protest by the taxi drivers was blemished with violence with many drivers and passengers reporting being assaulted by a section of ruffian drivers taking part in the protests.

However, Wycliffe Alutalala the secretary general of the Digital Taxi Forum that had called for the protests downplayed the allegations.






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