Turkana Wind Project to produce less energy than anticipated

Wind propelled turbines at the Lake Turkana Wind Project.
Wind propelled turbines at the Lake Turkana Wind Project. PHOTO/COURTESY: Construction Review Online

The Lake Turkana Wind Project (LTWP) will only produce approximately 65 to 67 per cent of the earlier estimated 310 MW wind energy, the firm announced on Monday.

According to media reports, the firm said last year’s indicated production target of 100 per cent is impossible to achieve because wind speed is not constant.

“The project does not always have to provide 310MW of energy since it is reliant on varying wind speed,” the firm said at a press conference on Monday.

“Tests conducted at the plant have shown the energy generated by the project will range at the 67 per cent mark and that is good news too.”

The firm also announced that Kenyans will start enjoying the benefits of slightly affordable energy as from November, 2018 when it starts supplying power to the national grid.

“By October 17, 2018, 225 wind turbines were commissioned but only 187 were operational. Despite this, they were able to generate 147MW of energy. By the end of this month, all 365 will be operational,” LTWP Director Rizwan Fazal said to a section of the press at a press briefing in Nairobi.

“Once all turbines are linked to the grid, the project will lower the cost of power by between seven and ten per cent.”

President Uhuru Kenyatta is expected to authorize the project that was plagued with hindrances ranging from insecurity to legal challenges, as he looks to live up to his promise of introducing affordable power into the country.



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