Uber launches new tuk tuk platform at the Coast


Uber East Africa has incorporated auto rickshaws popularly known as ‘tuk tuks’ into its platform following the launch of uberPOA in Mombasa.

Speaking at a press conference to a section of the media, the General Manger of Uber East Africa Loic Amado revealed that the firm was determined to launch local products such as UberPOA to meet native demand since tuk tuks are a popular mode of transport in the region.

“In the spirit of building globally and living locally, uberPOA is another product that resonates with local riders in Mombasa,” said Mr Amado

The platform which was first introduced in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, will be operating together with uberX under the same regulations that govern the taxi hailing firm.

Some of the requirements needed to operate uberPOA or uberX include; a mandatory screening of drivers, issuance of identification documents, certificate of good conduct, driver’s license, NTSA certified vehicle inspection report and proof of car insurance cover.

Mr Amado also reiterated that the services offered by uberPOA will mirror the same services provided by other Uber platforms that customers have gotten used to since its inaugural launch in Nairobi in January 2015.

“With uberPOA, riders will still receive the same seamless door-to-door Uber experience they are used to,” he said.

“We believe users will be excited to have another reliable and affordable option tailored to move through the traffic on short trips around town.”

In addition, the Uber East Africa General Manager also revealed that the new platform will implement telematics technology that will observe the conduct of driving partners in an effort to encourage road safety and adherence to driving regulations.

The platform is however currently based in Mombasa Island alone with more than 10,000 tuk tuks already registered under the service.

The service is priced with a base fare of Sh10, Sh15 per kilometre, and a minimum fare of Sh50. The prices are however expected to significantly vary across longer distances.




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