Unga wa Dola attains Super Brands Status


NAIROBI…Unga wa Dola has become the latest Kenyan company to be awarded Superbrands status, the world’s largest independent arbiter of branding.  Unga wa Dola, whose mother company is Kitui Flour Mills Limited has in the recent past continually seen a spike in its popularity, offering the country’s most consumed food products.

‘’In a country where expectations have rightfully risen and a more discerning customer, brands have to be innovative and responsive enough to continually deliver for them to retain their valuable reputations. Being named a Superbrands in Kenya is an accolade that every brand should be proud of. We are however cognizant of the fact that to retain this award, we must keep on delivering quality and reliable products that stand out in our market,’’ said Mohamed Taib, Unga wa Dola Marketing Director.


Brands do not apply or pay to be considered in the listing.


“Participation in Superbrands is by invitation only, and so by this we were offered an opportunity to be a part of the most outstanding brands in the field. A Superbrands recognition award offers consumers significant emotional and physical advantages over its competitors which consciously or sub-consciously consumers want, recognize, and are willing to pay a premium for,” Mr Taib added.


The brand’s Marketing Director also added that their years of being one of the leading flour brand and their consistency in offering quality and premium consumer products played a big role in their being awards the Superbrands seal.


Companies and brands that achieve the Superbrands status are allowed to use the award seal on their advertising material and product packaging.

“Superbrands research shows that more than 70% of consumers who see the Superbrands Award Seal associated with a product or service claim to be more likely or much more likely to purchase those products or services,” Mr Taib said.


With the award seal, Mr Taib emphasized that Unga wa Dola will continue to produce quality premium flour to its esteemed consumers adding that:

“Our customers and stakeholders are our future and the future of our company. We want them to continue enjoying the making of smooth pastries, flawless chapatis, Ugali and the best of healthy delicacies for the sweet rich taste of home.”


Unga wa Dola joins about 20,000 major brands in more than 85 countries worldwide that have achieved the Superbrands status. Other brands in the country that have achieved the said status include MPESA by Safaricom, the Beyond Zero campaign by Her excellency the First Lady Margaret Kenyatta, DHL, Britam and Artcaffe Group among others.


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