Zooterra, Wildlife Works partner to endorse nature conservation


Habitat conservation firm Zooterra has partnered with Wildlife Works, a global wildlife conservation company, to endorse a user centric approach that will make it easier for donors to track the impact of donations they have made towards nature protection.

The initiative, which will kick off on March 4, 2018, will allow users on Zooterra’s platform to purchase digital collectibles, labeled “terras”, each linked to one hectare of the Kasigau Wildlife Corridor, a 500,000 acre area of dry land forest in southeastern Kenya, which is protected by Wildlife Works.

Once donors purchase the “terras” they will then be able to select the specific location, project, or wildlife initiative they would like to support among the Kasigau Wildlife Corridor offerings. Some of the categories donors can select to finance include: aerial surveillance, wildlife water plans, and efficient agricultural techniques.

According to Zooterra Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Julio Corredor, the partnership was crafted because approximately 82 per cent of charity donors do not know what their money is used for.

“Of the $390 billion donated each year to charities in the US, only $9 billion goes to environmental causes and one major reason is lack of transparency and engagement,” said Corredor in a statement.

“That is precisely where Zooterra comes in with its user-centric approach. People should not have to sacrifice transparency and ease-of-use to reap the benefits of supporting nature conservation.”

On his part, Mike Korchinsky, the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Wildlife Works, reiterated the importance of conserving biodiversity. He similarly lauded the partnership that will democratize the engagement around nature conservation.

  “We are running out of time to preserve biodiversity around the world, and getting more people involved has never been more important. We are excited to partner with Zooterra to engage the broader community in nature conservation using the latest trends in digital, satellite imaging, and digital collectibles,” Mr. Korchinsky explained.


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